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Expansion Joint and Joint Sealant Glossary Index:

- Adhesion in Tension

- Blockout

- Compression Set

- Continuity of Seal

Expansion Joint

- Nosing Material

- Non-Invasive Anchoring

- Split Slab

- Sound Transmission Class (STC)

- Thermal Shock

Continuity of Seal--The assurance of watertightness in an expansion joint throughout its length and through all changes in plane, direction, and intersection within a single joint sealing technology or between one or more technology types.

This is a great example of what we mean by "continuity of seal" in expansion joints.
In this condition a THERMAFLEX parking deck expansion joint crosses a drive lane, transitions up and over a curb, tees into the perpendicular deck-to-wall joint using our "Shear Pocket" technology, and intersects at an offset wall joint sealed with SEISMIC COLORSEAL that nests into a "boot termination" that protrudes into the wall and is welded into the THERMAFLEX system.

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NOTE: The definitions of terms and terminology herein are rooted in the context of use in the field of construction-related joint sealing in EMSEAL's experience.  They are provided with the intent of offering a fuller understanding of the context of their usage. Any suggestions or questions regarding interpretation are welcome and should be directed to content@emseal.com. Thank you.

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