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PARAPETS--In a single installation, SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS provides a finished, sealed surface at the top, front, and backsides of the wall in the same color or multiple colors to suit each surface.


In a single installation step SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS treats both the outside and inside of the curtain wall system.  The result is a color-coordinated, waterproof, air-tight, thermally tight, continuous gasket around the entire perimeter.

Without the use of any fasteners, screws, anchors or any of the associated drilling or violation of the mullion integrity, SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS with a custom-depth prescribed by the curtain wall contractor, conforms to mortar joints in walls as well as to roof membrane base flashings.  The base flashing remains fully intact an unaffected by the SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS.

From the inside, the curtain wall perimeter is completely sealed and aesthetically complete.

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Multi-faced, silicone-coated, precompressed, primary seal in structural, high-movement, joints in virtually any substrate.

Microsphere-modified acrylic-impregnated foam sealant, factory pre-coated with high-grade silicone. Watertight, odorless
, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low temperature flexible, high-temperature stable.

For joint-gaps from 1" (25mm) to 10" (250mm).

Total 100% movement capability:
+50% and -50% of nominal supplied size.

Rapid installation--seal two surfaces (front and back), or even three (top, front and back) surfaces in single installation.

Ideal for shallow substrate conditions such as parapets, curtainwall systems, doorways, window walls, interior partitions as a sound barrier, etc.

Highly customizable, SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS can be customized in its depth, and in the choice of color of silicone for the front, back, and/or top all of which can be of the same color or different colors.  Contact EMSEAL or email techinfo@emseal.com.

26 Standard Colors, Custom Colors, non-invasive anchoring, thermally insulating, air tight, aesthetically and practically versatile.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS is a unique, highly innovative, customized variation of EMSEAL's acclaimed SEISMIC COLORSEAL material. 

Ideally suited for shallow substrates where sealing or finishing of both sides of the structure is desired. 

Ensures watertightness in vertical and horizontal structural, seismic, and abutment joints in walls of precast concrete, brick, curtain-wall, stone, and virtually any other substrate.

Provides considerable sound attenuation as a joint filler in interior demising walls,  partitions or in sound studios, performance halls, broadcast booths, etc.  A concrete wall with an expansion joint through it can be restored to the virtually the same sound transmission coefficient as the solid wall without a joint.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS seals top, front, and back of parking deck parapet wall in a single installation step.

Backpressure from the stored strain energy of the foam maintains seal and ensures that silicone bellows is never under tension from the effects of joint movement.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS has an R-value of approximately 3.28 per inch of depth which imparts thermal insulation at structural joint-gaps where thermal loss through strip-seals is often significant.

Unlike imitations which must be forced into compression in the field, SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS is supplied pre-compressed to smaller than the joint size.  This means that neither the bellows nor the corner bead are in tension during joint opening movement.


Watertight integration into a "boot" termination in EMSEAL's THERMAFLEX parking deck system, ensures continuity of seal.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS features non-invasive anchoring which means you are not drilling and screwing into sensitive substrates. This eliminates the risk of spalls and enables installation into inside corners that are impossible to seal with strip-seals.

The expanding foam backing is acrylic-impregnated open-cell foam combined with laminations of closed-cell foam in some size configurations.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS has a mounting adhesive on one face.  After removal from its packaging, the material is inserted into the joint and adhered to one side. It then expands to fill the joint. The combination of the active backpressure and the pressure-sensitive nature of the acrylic impregnation ensures the attachment of the foam to the other substrate.  Field installed silicone sealant corner bands assure further attachment of the precured silicone bellows to the substrate.

STC 54 / OITC 38*

*Sound Attenuation is also a feature of SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS. With a 2 1/2" standard depth product installed in one side of a STC 56 wall, SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS had a STC 54 rating and in an OITC 38 wall it had a 38 OITC rating. When installed from both sides of a STC 68 wall it received a rating of STC 62 and in an OITC 52 wall it received a OITC 52 rating.

Standard sizes from 1" (25mm) to 10" (250mm).

Note: Sizes under 1 1/2" (40mm) are manufactured with a single bellows. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows 

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Click here for more on the original COLORSEAL from which SEISMIC COLORSEAL evolved.

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Custom Colors:
In addition to the 12 standard colors, COLORSEAL products and WFR2 can be manufactured in custom colors. If you're having a custom color formulated for your project which is not in the Dow-790 palette of standard colors please contact EMSEAL to have us produce a matching color from another manufacturer or from silicone material shipped to us from that project.  Contact Us.

Transitions and Terminations:

Universal 90's

(US Patent 9,200,437
Patent Pending)

U-90's are factory-made transition pieces that ensure continuity-of-seal where expansion joints change plane or direction.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL DS is manufactured in straight-run sticks which can be joined in the field to EMSEAL’s patented and patent-pending "Universal-90" transitions.

These factory-fabricated single-piece 90-degree units have a 12-inch long leg and a 6-inch vertical piece on each side of the elbow. Universal-90 transition are symmetrically coated on both faces allowing them to be installed as an inside corner or as an outside corner.

In addition to guaranteeing watertightness, EMSEAL’s "Universal-90's" allow for much faster and secure installation by eliminating field cutting or notching and bending, at angles.

Consult EMSEAL.

(More on Universal-90's


Universal-90 Upturn Transition

Universal-90 Flipped-Over as Downturn Transition




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