Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Watertight Deck Expansion Joints--Selection Guide:

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Joint Sizes
DSM SYSTEM • 55% Movement (+30/-25%)
• Joint-face adhered
Blockouts optional

1/2"  to  4"
(12 - 100mm)

SJS SYSTEM • 100% Movement (+/-50%)
• Joint face adhered
• Sound-dampening blockouts recommended
• Integral coverplate

4"  to  18"
(100 - 450mm)

DFR2 and DFR3

• 2-Hour, Built-In Fire-Rating (UL 2079)
• 50% Movement (+/-25%)
• Joint face adhered
Blockouts optional

1/2"  to  4"
(12 - 100mm)

• 1 or 2-Hour, Built-In Fire-Rating (UL 2079)
• 100% Movement (+/-50%)
• Joint face adhered
• Sound-dampening blockouts recommended
• Integral coverplate

4"  to  10"
(100 - 250mm)

EMSHIELD SecuritySeal
SSF2 and SSF3

• Pick-Resistant
• 2 or 3-Hour, Built-In Fire-Rating (UL 2079)
• 50% Movement (+/-25%)

1/2"  to  4"
(12 - 100mm)

HORIZONTAL COLORSEAL • 100% Movement (+/-50%)
• Joint Face Adhered
• Non-trafficable
• 26 Colors

1/2"  to  10"
(12 - 250mm)

THERMAFLEX • Movement varies by model
• Blockout-mounted chemically anchored
• Extruded rubber gland/nosing system

1"  to  5-1/2" max.
(25 - 140mm)

EMCRETE • High-Impact Elastomeric Concrete Material
• Nosing to build or repair gap edges
• Self-leveling and Noise Dampening
• Fast-curing durable concrete patch

Any Size

Continuity of Seal:  Making expansion joints watertight in cross-section is easy.  Where joints will leak is at transitions in plane and direction as well as at transitions between dissimilar joint seals.

EMSEAL provides axonometric details for treatment of both transitions within and between its systems.  Detailed and installed in accordance with these details, EMSEAL warrants its joint systems to be watertight at all transitions.

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