Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

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Custom 90's
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Watertight, Factory Fabricated Upturn/Downturn Transition Pieces For Ensuring Continuity of Seal

Factory-Fabricated Terminations and Transitions — as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator.

EMSEAL precompressed, coated, foam sealants are manufactured in straight-run sticks which can be joined in the field to EMSEAL’s patented and patent-pending "Universal-90" Transitions and Terminations. Universal-90's are available for all* of EMSEAL's coated microsphere-modified-acrylic-impregnated foam sealant products including COLORSEAL, SEISMIC COLORSEAL, HORIZONTAL COLORSEAL,  DSM, CHEMSEAL, BEJS, DSF, and EMSHIELD DFR, EMSHIELD SecuritySeal SSF, EMSHIELD WFR2, EMSHIELD SecuritySeal SSW2, Submerseal. They have the same performance waterproofing and additional characteristics of the system of which they are manufactured. (*Universal-90's for SJS are available as custom manufactured pieces. Contact EMSEAL for specific requirements)

Universal-90 Upturn Termination

Universal-90 Flipped-Over as Downturn Termination

Universal-90 Upturn Transition

Universal-90 Flipped-Over as Downturn Transition

These factory-fabricated single-piece 90-degree units have a 12-inch long leg and a 6-inch vertical piece on each end of the elbow.   The Universal-90's are symmetrically coated on both sides.  This allows them to be installed as an upturn or as a downturn. 

Universal-90 Transitions are cut at 90-degrees with both ends open for a butt-connection to another stick or another Universal-90. Either leg can be trimmed in the field to connect to straight run material or to another Universal-90 when going, for example, up and over a curb, into a parapet, or up and down treads and risers.

Universal-90 Terminations end, on the 6-inch leg, in a 45o sealed and mitered end.  This allows termination as a stand alone upturn or provides a surface against to which a wall joint system can be married.  Flipped over, the Universal-90 termination unit can be alternatively installed as a downturn termination where a joint runs off the deck.  In this use, the sealed, mitered end provides a drip edge for drainage of water off the joint.

Custom-90 Transitions and Terminations coated on just the weather-facing faces, are also available when field conditions and measurements are known up front. Consult EMSEAL.

In addition to guaranteeing a continuous waterproof coating, EMSEAL’s "Universal-90's" allow for much faster and secure installation by eliminating field cutting or notching and bending at angles.


For expansion joints in decks and floors where watertightness and/or traffic durability are required.  A few applications examples are:

Stadiums Arenas
Parking Decks Floors
Deck-To-Wall Elevator Tower Perimeters
Deck-to-Deck Deck-To-Wall
Bridge Expansion Joints Water Tanks
Stair Tower Perimeters Tunnels and Enclosures

Can be used alone or under any other expansion joint cover, plate or filler where depth of substrate allows.

Figure 2: EMSEAL’s warranted watertight, factory-fabricated Universal-90’s at inside and outside corners ensure continuity of seal while eliminating field execution of directional changes.

"Universal-90", Factory-Fabricated Transition Pieces from EMSEAL ensure continuity of seal in expansion joints.



Watertight — Universal-90's are a component of the specific EMSEAL coated impregnated-foam products installed with a tensionless watertight bellows.

Non-Invasive Anchoring — There are no hard metal-to-substrate connections with Universal-90 transitions or terminations. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails, flanges or coverplates. The system is locked to the joint faces by means of the backpressure of the foam, epoxy in some cases, and the injected sealant bands at the joint face.

Versatility — Universal-90's are coated on both sides (regardless of the single or dual coating nature of the EMSEAL impregnated-foam product with which they are joined). This allows them to be sealed to any side of water contact when turned in any 90-degree position. All Universal-90 pieces can function as an inside or outside corner.

Joint-Size Variation —Uniform bellows appearance, and the ability to handle variations in joint size through size-switching makes the Universal-90's and their respective coated, precompressed foam system aesthetically and functionally versatile.


Movement Capability:
Matches the capabilities of the specific precompressed, impregnated-foam system. See system specifications for details.

Standard sizes:
See specific precompressed-foam specifications for details.

Depth of Seal:
See specific precompressed-foam specifications for details.

See specific precompressed-foam specifications for details.


See specific precompressed-foam product page for installation PDF document or to link to the installation page.

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