Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint Test Case Study:
MO DOT JJ Memorial Drive over I-270
(October 2011)

Replacement of failed joint in existing metal angles

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Resize, Rebuild, Reseal

Sizing Bridge Expansion Joints

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Joint size and temperature compared to ensure proper sized joint material on site.

BEJS material stored in shade to increase working time on hot day.

Failed rubber seal removed and joint faces sandblasted to white metal.
Small piece of precompressed BEJS from EMSEAL cut from stick to guage expansoin rate. 10:00am

Checking the expansion rate of a small piece of BEJS foam to determine working time.

  Mixing the BEJS epoxy adhesive.
Troweling the BEJS epoxy onto the joint face.

Unwrapping the BEJS and removing it from its hardboard and shrink-wrap packaging.

  Inserting BEJS into wet epoxy on joint faces. Set to 1/2" from top of metal angles.
Applying the joining silicone to seal the butt joins and inserting remaining sticks of BEJS material.

Cleaning the silicone top surface with solvent to remove excess epoxy.

  Injecting and tooling silicone sealant bands between the bellows and the epoxy-coated joint face.

Removing duct tape from top of metal angles.

Complete BEJS joint installation.

Taking traffic.

Bridge Expansion Joints and Joint Sealants by EMSEAL

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