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DSM SYSTEM Guide Specification

The following guide specification is presented here is an easy-to-copy-and-paste format.

In addition, if you prefer, you may download this guide specification in .doc format by clicking this link: DSM SYSTEM GuideSpec (.doc).

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***Note to Specifier:

With its introduction in 2006 the DSM SYSTEM supersedes its predecessors, 20H SYSTEM and DSH SYSTEM, in most applications. The DSM SYSTEM builds on a track record of over 30 years of sealing horizontal plane joints with impregnated foam sealants and is an evolution of EMSEAL’s earlier technologies.   The DSM SYSTEM features greater movement capability, dual sealing, a fuel resistant silicone bellows coating, greater movement capability, better low temperature flexibility, and improved high temperature stability.  It achieves these improvements through EMSEAL’s new cellular-acrylic impregnation technology and is free of any asphalt compounds.  Additionally, the DSM SYSTEM is totally free of wax or wax compounds. Consequently the suitability of the DSM SYSTEM is extended geographically as well as to applications such as in metal-angles, and top-decks previously not recommended for joint-face-adhered systems. ***

Application:          For Watertight Deck Expansion Joints        

Basis of Design:  DSM SYSTEM by EMSEAL

USA & INTERNATIONAL:  EMSEAL JOINT SYSTEMS, LTD, 23 Bridle Lane, Suite 3, Westborough, MA 01581-2603, Toll Free: 800-526-8365 or PH: 508-836-0280, FX: 508-836-0281, www.emseal.com.

CANADA:  EMSEAL CORPORATION, 120 Carrier Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9W 5R1 Toll Free: 800-526-8365 or PH: 416-740-2090, FX: 416-740-0233, www.emseal.com.

Basis of Design: DSM SYSTEM by EMSEAL Joint Systems for expansion joints and isolation joints in decks.  Typical locations include, but are not limited to the following: applications for joints over occupied space, below-grade, stair tower perimeters, elevator perimeters, stadium tread and risers, ice-floor perimeter joints, parking deck joints, treatment plant perimeters and caps, bridge joints, and structural expansion joints.

Sealant system shall be comprised of three components: 1) cellular polyurethane foam impregnated with hydrophobic 100% acrylic, water-based emulsion, factory coated with highway-grade, fuel resistant silicone; 2) field-applied epoxy adhesive primer, 3) field-injected silicone sealant bands.  Impregnation agent to have proven non-migratory characteristics. Silicone coating to be highway-grade, low-modulus, jet-fuel resistant silicone applied to the impregnated foam sealant at a width greater than maximum allowable joint extension and which when cured and compressed will form a bellows.  Depth of seal as recommended by manufacturer. DSM foam seal to be installed into manufacturer's standard field-applied epoxy adhesive.  The DSM SYSTEM is to be installed slightly recessed from the surface such that when the field-applied injection band of silicone is installed between the substrates and the foam-and-silicone-bellows, the system will be essentially flush with the substrate surface.

Material shall be capable, as a dual seal, of movements of +30%, -25% (55% total) of nominal material size.

All substitute candidates to be certified in writing to be free in composition of any waxes or asphalts, wax compounds or asphalt compounds.  All substitute candidates shall be certified in writing to be: a) capable of withstanding 150F (65C) for 3 hours while compressed down to the minimum of movement capability dimension of the basis of design product (-25% of nominal material size) without evidence of any bleeding of impregnation medium from the material; and b) that the same material after the heat stability test will self-expand to the maximum of movement capability dimension of the basis-of-design product (+30% of nominal material size) within 24 hours at room temperature 68F (20C).


DSM SYSTEM GuideSpec (.doc)

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Last Modified: April 23, 2014


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