Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Badgers join Packers, Bucs, Astros, Riverdogs, and many more in failed caulk joint replacement
(Retrofit, 2009)

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Camp Randall Stadium during expansion joint upgrade Failed caulk in stadium expansion joints is replaced with DSM from EMSEAL Continuity of seal at stadium expansion joints is a hallmark of EMSEAL
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Replacement nearly every year of failed caulk and backer rod became tiresome to the University of Wisconsin.  This led them to join a growing number of stadium managers and facility owners to begin a staged retrofit of the joints in Camp Randall Stadium. 

From EMSEAL's complete line of stadium expansion joints, the engineers selected the precompressed foam sealant DSM SYSTEM.  Utilizing the restoration expertise of contractor Central Restoration, Inc, after removing the failed liquid sealant, the joint faces were cleaned with grinders to remove old sealant residue, then the DSM SYSTEM was installed (above center).  Transitions at all inside and outside corners (above right) of the treads and risers were field fabricated by the experienced, EMSEAL-preferred contractor. The finished installation ensures that the precompressed sealant will handle thermal movements free of adhesion in tension at the bondline and with minimal tension within the sealant itself.



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