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UL/ULC Listing EMSHIELD WFR2 in Gypsum Wall Assemblies:
System No. WW-D-1081

Joint Systems

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Joint Systems

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System No. WW-D-1081

January 20, 2010

Assembly Rating — 2 Hr

Nominal Joint Width — 2-1/4 to 6 in.

Class II and III Movement Capabilities — 25% Compression or Extension


    1. Wall Assembly — The 2 hr fire rated framed gypsum wallboard wall assembly shall be constructed of the materials and in the manner specified in the individual U300 or U400 Series Wall and Partition Designs in the UL Fire Resistance Directory and shall include the following construction features:
      A. Studs — Steel studs to be min 3-5/8 in. wide and spaced max 24 in. OC. Wood studs to be nom 2 by 4 in. lumber spaced max 16 in. OC.
      B. Gypsum Board* — Wallboard sheets to be installed to a min total thickness of 1-1/4 in. on each side of wall and on each stud face within joint opening.
    2. Joint System — Nominal width of joint is 2-1/4 to 6 in. (55 to 150 mm). The joint system is designed to accommodate a max 25 percent compression or extension from its installed width. The joint system shall consist of the following:
      A. Forming Material* — Compressed, fire-retardant impregnated, 3 ¾ in. deep foam. Topside and underside of foam are coated with intumescent and silicone. Foam is installed in joint opening as a permanent form.

      EMSEAL L L C — WFR2 Mechanical joint system.

      B. Sealant Band — Watertight ¾ in. deep silicone sealant band and corner bead supplied by joint system manufacturer, and installed in accordance with installation instruction.
      C. Epoxy adhesive — Consists of two parts; part A (base), and part B (hardener). The epoxy is supplied by joint system manufacturer, and installed in accordance with installation instructions.

    *Bearing the UL Classification Mark

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