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Acrylic vs. Wax

Benchmarks of Performance for High-Movement Acrylic-Impregnated, Pre Compressed, Foam Sealants In Consideration of Alternatives


Air Barrier ABAA Compliance

Expansion joints and sealants in air barrier assemblies. Testing of products' ability to resist hurricane-force winds & Water reveals air permeability 2.5-times lower than ABAA requirements.  Testing SEISMIC COLORSEAL to ASTM E-283, E-330, E-331


ADA and Spiked Heels
ADA, Spiked-Heels, & Expansion Joints: Where do you stand?


Aggregate Loading

Aggregate Loading in Nosing Materials of Parking Deck Expansion Joint Systems--Cracking-up is no laughing matter.


Air Barrier Gaps

Is There a Gap in Your Air Barrier Wall Design?  Sealing, and insulating the forgotten joint in the back-up wall.



Best Roof Design?

The best roof expansion joint design includes both RoofJoint, SEISMIC COLORSEAL, RoofJoint Closures, and HORIZONTAL COLORSEAL



BRANZ Validated Fire Rated Expansion Joints

Branz Report validates the fire resistance of DFR2, WFR2 and SJS-FR2 joint systems to AS 1530.4-2005.



BS 476 Part 20 Compliant Fire Rating

EMSHIELD fire rated expansion joints compliant with BS 476 Part 20 European standard according to UL UK report.



Buried Band-Aids

Sweeping Plaza Deck Joints Under the Rug—The hidden pitfalls of buried "band-aid" joint sealing.


Collaborative 3-D Design:

The Proven Approach to Successful Expansion Joints--Think, design, specify, detail, erect, fabricate, and install in 3D.


Colored Joint Still in Tension: Pre Cured-Caulk & Backer

“Pre-cured-Caulk-And-Backerblock” Not New, Not Equal, to EMSEAL’s COLORSEAL.

12. Common Law of Business Balance

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot


Comparison of AS 1534 and UL 2079

Comparing the Australian/New Zealand test standards of AS1530.4 and UL2079 in consideration of the compliance of 2-hour fire rated expansion joints for structural openings in buildings.



Compression-Set in Closed Cell Foams

Coated or uncoated, closed cell foams are sometimes offered as alternates or equals to precompressed impregnated foam sealants.  Compression set limits their performance.


Curved Expansion Joints

Sealing Curved Expansion Joints--Possible, Practical, Routine


Durability and Value of EMSEAL Products

The durability of EMSEAL products is as affected by product composition and principles of operation as it is by design decisions, installation and maintenance.  Here's why EMSEAL typically outlasts alternatives.



EN 1366 Compliant Fire Rating

EMSHIELD fire rated expansion joints compliant with EN 1366 European standard according to UL UK report.


Engineering Judgments

Where UL tested listings for fire rated expansion joint conditions, do not meet your specific project conditions ask EMSEAL for an engineered judgment. Here is a sampling of some of the engineered judgments used on notable projects.


Evolution of Extruded Expansion Joint Seals

The Evolution of Extruded Parking Deck Expansion Joints--From compression seal to double-cell winged seal.



Frequently Asked Questions



Fire Rated

Today's expansion joints are expected to perform a wide array of tasks previously accomplished by a combination of multiple products. What should be expected of a successful expansion joint?



GC's Role

The General Contractor’s Role in Ensuring Watertight Expansion Joints


Gutters Hide Expansion Joints

Gutters conceal leaks, resulting in structural damage that is dangerous and far more costly than the price of an expansion joint that works.




A glossary of terms and terminology with definitions rooted in the context of use in the field of construction-related joint sealing in EMSEAL's experience.



Hospital and Healthcare Expansion Joints

More than Just Bridging the Gap: Selecting Expansion Joints for Healthcare and Medical Facility Traffic Loads.


History of Joint Technologies and their replacement

A look at sealant and expansion joint technologies, their eras, modes of failure, and replacement.


How To Select Floor Joints

Selecting an interior, floor expansion joint involves consideration of expected movements, loads, and joint size in relation to the capability of a particular expansion joint cover.



Hurricane Resistance and ABAA Tests

Expansion joints resists hurricane-force winds & Water. Has permeability 2.5-times lower than ABAA requirements.  Testing SEISMIC COLORSEAL to ASTM E-283, E-330, E-331


Hurricane, Fire, AND Water

Hurricane-Fire-Water--Independent Tests Prove EMSHIELD WFR2 Expansion Joint Can Handle it All--Testing EMSEAL's WFR2 to ASTM E-283, E-330, and E-331


Hybrid Sealants

Overcoming Product Limitations: Waterproofing Moving Joints with Hybrid Sealants.



Use of laminations is manufacture of pre-compressed foam sealants is a choice made in ensuring quality of impregnation distribution.




Are Expansion Joint Selections Costing Your Client a Fortune?  R-Value as a selection criteria for joint sealants and expansion joints. (ASTM C518-04)


Seismic and Hurricane

Rethinking expansion joints in respect to the need to resist seismic and hurricane events.


Silicone Adhesion to EMSEAL Epoxy

Adhesion tests on injected silicone sealant bands and corner beads to EMSEAL 820 Epoxy at various stages of cure.



In consideration of the specification of SJS--Seismic Joint System from EMSEAL


Stadium Expansion Joints

Stadium Expansion Joints Leak—But there is an alternative.


Sound Attenuation

The Sound of Silence—Attenuating Sound at Structural Expansion Joints, Partitions, and Demising Walls.
(ASTM E90)


Snow Removal

Snow Removal and Maintenance of Parking, Plaza, and Stadium Expansion Joints


Tension--the primary cause of sealant failure

Caulk and backer rod's achilles heels -- tension at the bondline and within the cured elastomer of liquid sealants remains the cause of most premature sealant joint failure


UL 2079 for Decks and Floors

UL 2079 testing and certification of floor expansion joints encompasses the test standards of ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399.  Listing with UL and ULC goes beyond just passing the tests as the listed company allows random UL auditing of its manufacturing process.


UL 2079 for Walls

UL 2079 testing and certification of wall expansion joints involves normal and seismic joint cycling followed by a burn test and then by a hose-stream test.  This video illustrates the rigors of UL2079 testing for fire rated wall expansion joints. 


Wax-Free Certification: Independent Tests--FTIR and DSC

Fournier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) testing conducted by an independent laboratory is a simple way to determine if the pre compressed foam sealant being considered contains wax that might be deleterious to performance. (Why does this matter?)


"Zip" Joints

Overlook Direction Changes Integral Nosing/Gland“Integral-Nosing-And-Gland” Joint Systems Can’t Handle 3-D Demands.


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