Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Silicone-coated, pre-compressed, primary and secondary seal in vertical-plane wall joints in virtually any substrate

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Primary and built-in secondary seal
• Watertight
• Airtight
Sound attenuating
ABAA Compliant
Resists hurricane force wind & water
• Tensionless silicone bellows
• Rapid installation--new or retrofit
Non-invasive anchoring
Aesthetically and practically versatile
• Easily handles changes in plane and direction
• Easily handles curved expansion joints

• Curtainwall
• Masonry
• Precast
• Metal Panel
• Natural Stone
• EIFS, etc.

Standard Sizes
1/2" to 8" (12mm - 200mm)

Note: Sizes under 1 1/2" (40mm) are manufactured with a single bellows. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows.

Movement Capability
• Total 50% (+25% and -25%) of nominal supplied size
(For 100% movement see: SEISMIC COLORSEAL)

26 Standard COLORS
Custom Colors

Product Description

COLORSEAL is a pre-compressed--primary plus secondary seal ideally suited to curtainwall and metal cladding systems, as well as concrete, brick, stone, precast, EIFS, etc.

Microsphere-modified-acrylic-impregnated foam sealant, factory pre-coated with high-grade silicone. Watertight, odorless, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low temperature flexible, high-temperature stable.

COLORSEAL combines a factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with a microsphere-modified acrylic-impregnated expanding foam sealant backing.

COLORSEAL features EMSEAL’s microsphere-modified acrylic impregnation infused into a cellular foam base material and is coated with a high-grade silicone coating that has been tested for durability under continuous UV, water, and air pressure differential exposures typically experienced by modern structures.

Continuity of seal and continuity of thermal insulation throughout changes in plane and direction are hallmarks of COLORSEAL.

Unique among options for large joint-gap sealing, COLORSEAL and SEISMIC COLORSEAL can be positively secured at inside corners without invasive anchors. 

In addition the products' ability to maintain watertightness while handling curves and direction changes further sets it apart from rubber-and-rail strip seals.

The bellows holds the key to COLORSEAL's unique performance.  Alternatives comprised of a pre-cured block of silicone over a un-impregnated foam backing must still be caulked to the substrate with large applications of liquid sealant.

COLORSEAL features non-invasive anchoring which means you are not drilling and screwing into sensitive substrates. This eliminates the risk of spalls and enables installation into inside corners that are impossible to seal with screw-anchored strip-seals.

Puncturing of silicone facing does not affect sealant system performance.

Back pressure maintains the seal and ensures that the silicone bellows is never under tension from the effects of joint movement. This means that neither the bellows nor the corner bead are in tension during joint opening movement.

Color-switching makes
COLORSEAL an aesthetically versatile option for joints from 1/2" (12mm) up to 8" (200mm).

R-value--An R-value of approximately 1.8 per inch of depth imparts thermal insulation at structural joint-gaps where thermal loss through strip-seals is often significant (click here for more on r-values).

Unlike imitations that use closed-cell foam backings and that must be forced into compression in the field, COLORSEAL is supplied pre-compressed to smaller than the joint size.  This means that neither the bellows nor the corner bead, nor the foam backing are in tension either during the full extent of movement capability nor as a result of compression set typical in closed-cell foams.

Sound Attenuation is also a feature of COLORSEAL. With a 2 1/2" standard depth product installed in one side of a STC 72 wall, COLORSEAL had a STC 56 rating and in an OITC 61 wall it had a 53 OITC rating. When installed from both sides of a STC 72 wall it received the maximum of STC 72 equaling the sound suppression of the wall and in an OITC 61 wall it received a OITC 60 rating.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL, with 100% movement for high-movement and large joint sealing is also available.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS (Double sided) is available for shallow-substrates, or where sealing both the inside and outside expansion joint in a single step is desired.

COLORSEAL-PR (Pick Resistant)--Now also available for detention and security applications with pick-resistant polyurethane bellows. Colors available are Tru-White and Limestone.  More information coming soon--Consult EMSEAL for details.
**COLORSEAL-PR TechData sheet available here**

Performance Limitations
• Substrates must be parallel, plumb and capable of resisting approx. 2.5 psi backpressure from the foam.

Transitions and Terminations:

Universal 90's

(US Patent 9,200,437
Patent Pending)

Custom 90's 
Patent Pending)

U-90's are factory-made transition pieces that ensure continuity-of-seal where expansion joints change plane or direction.

COLORSEAL is manufactured in straight-run sticks which can be joined in the field to EMSEAL’s patented and patent-pending "Universal-90" transitions.

These factory-fabricated single-piece 90-degree units have a 12-inch long leg and a 6-inch vertical piece on each side of the elbow. Universal-90 transition are symmetrically coated on both faces allowing them to be installed as an inside corner or as an outside corner.

In addition to guaranteeing watertightness, EMSEAL’s "Universal-90's" allow for much faster and secure installation by eliminating field cutting or notching and bending, at angles.

Custom-90's (patent pending), coated on just the weather-facing faces, are also available when field conditions and measurements are known up front.

Consult EMSEAL.

(More on Universal-90's

Universal-90 Upturn Transition

Universal-90 Flipped-Over as Downturn Transition

a mounting adhesive on one face.  After removal from its packaging, the material is inserted into the joint and adhered to one side. It then expands to fill the joint. The combination of the active backpressure and the pressure-sensitive nature of the acrylic impregnation ensures the attachment of the foam to the other substrate.

The injection and tooling of a corner bead of silicone between the cured bellows and substrate completes the installation.

Availability and Price
COLORSEAL is available for shipment internationally.
Prices are available from local representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer.
The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any
   product without prior notice.

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